Arranged around education and applied research

The organisation of Van Hall Larenstein is arranged around three domains with their own management. Education and research in each domain is combined within demarcated work fields. Two more departments are supporting education and research.

Domain Delta Areas and Resources View

Harry Ankoné, dean 
Arjen Heerema, vice dean
Saskia Heins, vice dean

Associate-degree programmes

  • Ad Garden and Landscape Architecture

Bachelor programmes

  • Forestry and Nature Management (full time and part time)
  • Animal Management
  • Land and Watermanagement (full time and part time)
  • Garden and Landscape Architecture (full time and part time)
  • Management of the Living Environment
  • Coastal and Marine Management

Master programmes

  • Master Project- and Process management

Applied Research Centre

  • Delta Areas and Resources
Domain Food and Dairy View

Josephine Woltman Elpers, dean
Angelique Kuipers, vice-dean
Betty Johanns, vice-dean
Ruth van der Beek, vice-dean

Associate-degree programmes

  • Ad Dairy farming
  • Ad Integral Enforcement Sustainability Law
  • Ad Sustainable Soil Management
  • Ad Sustainable Water Technology

Bachelor programmes

  • Agribusiness and Business Administration
  • Animal Husbandry
  • Biology and Medical Laboratory Research (with NHL Stenden)
  • Biotechnology (with NHL Stenden)
  • Chemistry (with NHL Stenden)
  • Chemical Engineering (with NHL Stenden)
  • Environment (full time and part time)
  • Food Technology (with NHL Stenden)
  • Forensic Laboratory Research (with NHL Stenden)
  • Horticulture and Arable Farming
  • International Business
  • International Development Management

Master programmes

  • Master Agricultural Production Chain Management
  • Master Innovative Dairy Chain Management
  • Master Management of Development

Applied Research Centre

  • Food and Dairy


Wendela Schlebaum, director


Executive Board


  • Judith van den Hul, Department of Marketing & Communications
  • Henk Dijkema, Student Service Centre
  • Karen Kempkes, department of Facility Management
  • Dominique Lemoine, Department of IT

Finance & Control

Perry van Dongen, director