Interactive Webinar: Compassionate Communication

Date 18-02-2021
Time 15:00 - 16:30

Van Hall Larenstein, Master Management of Development Lecturer: Suzanne Nederlof, lecturer at VHL; coordinator of the MOD Food and Nutrition Security specialization; trainer in compassionate communication.


Compassionate Communication

The Master Management of Development would like to invite all their respected Alumni to join this special webinar event, which will be a small reunion and a way to gain some knowledge and inspiration in your professional field. Friends of MOD and prospective students of the Master Management of Development are also very welcome to join and get a taste of what it’s like being an MoD student.

Join us for this Webinar and learn more about Compassionate Communication!

In this webinar, Dr. Suzanne Nederlof, will introduce you to compassionate communication. You will practice with the steps yourself. So be prepared for an interactive session!  

Compassionate communication can support you when you are involved in dialogues with different stakeholders to increase each ones understanding about what all stakeholders need, deepen the connection amongst them and resolve conflicts. In other words: compassionate communication offers an integrated approach towards transformation within the society and in fostering collaboration and partnership. It’s about connecting with ourselves and others from the heart. It is about recognizing our differences and similarities and findings ways to have our needs met.

Since a few years, compassionate communication has been integrated in the Masters in Management of Development (MOD), as well as in other studies at VHL. Students appreciate it and apply it in many ways -from their own homes, to their workplaces and with the many actors they meet.

This webinar is organised by Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences (The Netherlands), especially for our Alumni and (potential) future students of the Master Management of Development.

This webinar will give great insight in studying at Van Hall Larenstein, while at the same time offering new, additional skills for our very much respected Alumni students.

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