Discussing and Resolving Marine Spatial Planning Issues Online with Stakeholders

Date 15-09-2021
Time 15:00 - 17:00

VHL University of Applied Sciences


Discussing and Resolving Marine Spatial Planning Issues Online with Stakeholders

Join us on September 15th to discuss and resolve Marine Spatial Planning issues online with stakeholders!

During this online session we will give short talks on MSP in higher education using serious gaming, best practices using SeaSketch as online tool, as well as introduce details on the new SeaSketch 2.0 open source application.

After these talks, a panel session takes place with as main goal to hear your thoughts on discussing and resolving MSP issues online with stakeholders.

Short talks will be given on Marine Spatial Planning in education, as well as best practices using SeaSketch as a tool by:

  • David Goldsborough
  • Maddie Berger                                               
  • Chris McDougall                                                         
  • Will McClintock                                                   

Blue growth has led to rapidly increasing spatial claims in marine areas. Discussing and resolving marine spatial claims requires insight in spatial demands and use by stakeholders. Co-production of knowledge and data with and between stakeholders often provides the best results with regards to supported spatial management.

In this online event we will share our experience with the online tool SeaSketch, see https://www.seasketch.org, in a serious game for planning wind energy in the Dutch part of the North Sea. The McClintock Lab at the University of California Santa Barbara will also demonstrate the next version of SeaSketch, which will be launched in January of 2022. Thanks to the support of the Waitt Foundation this completely new version of SeaSketch will become available licenced free as open source software, will no longer depend on Esri products for data hosting and analysis. These developments will enable decision makers and stakeholders in coastal and marine areas around the globe access to a tool that can help them discuss and resolve spatial issues online and on-site.

For more information, please contact David Goldsborough (David.goldsborough@hvhl.nl)

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