TRAILS Living Lab Event (online EU Maritime Day Event)

Date 22-09-2021
Time 15:00 - 17:00



A Living Lab for sharing and discussing coastal defense sand nourishment knowledge and strategies

Where does nourished sand go and what are the ecological and societal impacts on open coasts? The Amelander tidal inlet, which is located between the Dutch Wadden Islands Terschelling and Ameland, may contain answers to this question. Applying (mega-)nourishments along the coast contributes to coastal protection, for the Amelander tidal inlet this was done in 2018 as a pilot project.

To increase the understanding of environmental dynamics in this system the TRAILS project aims to develop, test and apply the instrumentation that is needed to predict effectiveness and off-site responses to (mega-) nourishments. The main objectives of the project are:

  • Developing a luminescence-based method to identify the fate of nourished sand
  • Study the effects of nourishments on benthic fauna
  • Develop (and test) novel simulation approaches to trace sediment
  • Develop a shared knowledge base with stakeholders, and
  • Creating an operational Living Lab

Our ambition is to create an operational Living Lab with involvement of all relevant stakeholders. We believe that Living Labs can play a key role in sustainable coastal management in coastal states.

During the event several short presentations will be given about the project objectives followed by a panel session for interaction with participants.

This event is online.

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