Networks and partnerships

Van Hall Larenstein operates in a range of international domains. Whether it is food, water, animals or business, these topics function within an increasingly international environment. Van Hall Larenstein is therefore active in over 150 partnerships and networks around the world. This enables us to improve the quality of our education, employees and research and it is crucial to prepare our students for an international career.

We are passionate about our cooperation with strategic partners, other universities and the professional field at the regional, national and international level. This allows us to share knowledge, information and experiences and (further) build on joint ambitions deliver sustainable projects. We want to fulfil a leading role and be proactive in bringing together parties in society in order to work together on the sustainable development of the professional fields. 

International opportunities for students

We strongly believe that international experience is crucial in the development of our students as intercultural competences are required in almost all career fields. We therefore offer a range of English-taught programmes that bring together national and international students in one classroom. Studying at Van Hall Larenstein gives you access to the world: our students work on international projects, obtain highly valued work experience during internships abroad or go on international exchange in another country. Curious about our wide range of Erasmus partners? Click here to find out more.

Living labs

A Living Lab is an instrument to facilitate collaboration and the joint development of applied knowledge in close collaboration with the industry and governments. The essence is the development of human capital. The Living Lab is led by higher education and focuses on a triple-helix collaboration between government, entrepreneurs and educational institutions. It connects companies and governments with universities and research bodies by supplying students, professors and researchers who can apply their expertise to real-life challenges.

Van Hall Larenstein has been active in several Living Labs in countries such as China, India and Romania and India with many successful results. The Living Lab in India for example investigated how, by smart combinations of existing and new technologies, the cow-varieties and milk- and stable-management systems for family farmers could be optimized in an affordable and sustainable way. The project developed a set of integrated systems and products which were adapted to the Indian climate and market conditions and these were implemented by local dairy farms.

Partnerships with universities

Van Hall Larenstein has a strong network of partner universities. The level of cooperation which each of our partners differs. Our most powerful connections are those with universities we have combined our education programmes with.

Since 2010 Van Hall Larenstein is active in Baramati, India. We started our collaboration with the Agriculture Development Trust Baramati in a 2+2 /twinning programme which means that students study for 2 years in Baramati/India and then join Van Hall Larenstein in their 3rd year and 4th year of the Bachelor in Agribusiness and Administration. Most students will end their study with a Van Hall Larenstein degree and an Indian MPKV degree.  We also started a 3+1 program, leading only to an Indian, MPKV degree, where students study for 1 year at VHL, in a certificate program. In 2015 we also started a 2+2 programme in Animal Husbandry together, again leading to an double degree.   

Nowadays we surrounded these study programs with applied research projects and LivingLabs were as well students as staff can work on projects that are important for the Indo-Dutch collaboration. We work together with Indo-Dutch companies, ngo’s and knowledge institutes on different subjects: 

  • Setting up an Indo-Dutch center of Excellence in Horticulture in Baramati 
  • Providing training to different groups together with Dutch knowledge institutes, fe train the trainer programs 
  • Setting up an CoE in Dairy in Baramati 
  • Incubator programs in India and the Netherlands 
  • Improving possibilities for Indian rural youth by guiding start-ups and business opportunities.  

There is also a long-standing relationship of over 15 years with the Yunnan Agricultural University in China. Chinese students can follow a so called 2+2 programme in which they study the first two years in China and the third and fourth year at Van Hall Larenstein.