Arriving in Holland

Upon receipt of full payment of your tuition fees, we will finalise your admittance and notify you of this decision. Then you will be able to start preparing your trip so you will arrive in Holland well before your study programme takes off.


You have to arrange transport yourself. Please check some further information and important links on the travel instructions to Leeuwarden page or the travel instructions to Velp (Arnhem) page.

Naturally you can always contact us if you have questions on how to arrange your transport!


Please find a handy checklist in this Practical guide to living in the Netherlands, including a list of things to prepare before you leave for the Netherlands and the things you need to do after your arrival.

Registration at the local municipality

All new residents of the Netherlands have to register at the local municipality a few days after their arrival. The documents that are necessary for your registration may differ per municipality and per country of origin. Please bear in mind that you need to arrange some documents before you leave for the Netherlands!

Documents checklist:

  • Passport – mandatory
  • Proof of residence in the Netherlands (rental contract) - mandatory
  • Birth certificate – optional, depending on the municipality

All municipalities ask you to bring your passport (or ID for EU students).
You also have to prove you have an address in the Netherlands, usually on the basis of your housing contract. 

In certain cases, Dutch municipalities may ask international students to bring an original and legalised copy of their birth certificate, especially in case you intend to stay in the Netherlands for more than one year. If your birth certificate is not issued in Dutch, English, French or German, you will also need to bring a sworn translation thereof.

Legalisation of your birth certificate

If your home country has signed the Apostille Treaty, you must have your birth certificate affixed with an Apostille by the designated authority in your country. Please check the list of treaty signatories
If your country has not signed the Apostille Treaty, we recommend you to contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the country where the birth certificate was issued. You can also check the information on the website of the Dutch embassy in your country or the website of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Bank account

Upon arrival you will need to open a bank account in the Netherlands because you simply cannot get around without one. It is to keep your money safe, rent accommodation, buy a mobile phone, or for example receive the wages of your student job. Please read more information about Bank account

If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to