Travel instructions for Leeuwarden

Make sure to arrive on time at the airport on the date of departure. Due to strict security measures, customs, luggage and check-in it may take more time than expected.

After landing on Schiphol airport, collecting your luggage and the customs check, you will enter the central hall of Schiphol. Follow the sign to the trains*. We advise to take the intercity train** to Leeuwarden, (two hour journey; very frequent schedule). You can buy your train ticket (+- €28) at the NS ticket office in the central hall of the airport and ask at what time and at which platform the train will depart. You can also plan your trip beforehand and buy an online ticket on

The train station in Leeuwarden is in the city centre. Depending on the distance you can walk, take a bus, taxi or connecting train to your next destination. You can plan your route on We would recommend you to plan your arrival within office hours on workdays to be able to collect your room keys from the landlord. Otherwise you might have to spend the first night in a hotel.

* The public transport sector in The Netherlands has implemented measures to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus, so travellers who have no option but to travel by train can do so safely. Face masks are mandatory and you have to keep sufficient distance to other travellers. Please check the Covid-19 infopage of the Dutch Railways or 9292OV for all public transport for the most recent information.

** Be aware of illegal taxi recruiters that may cause you trouble at Schiphol Airport. If you prefer the taxi over the train please go to the official taxi stand outside the arrival hall. Keep in mind that a taxi costs much more than the train.