International Development Management

Introduction days

Great that you have chosen to study at VHL University of Applied Sciences (VHL). You are welcome at our campus:

  • On Monday 23 August VHL organises an International Welcome Day, especially for all our international students.
  • Download the programme of the international Welcome Day.
  • Your introduction day of the programme International Development Management will be on Wednesday 25 August. The programme is structured as follows:


    Reception at VHL


    Introduction by your degree programme, general information, lunch and a get-to-know-you session


    Gein op Larenstein including meal, getting acquainted with the university of applied sciences and the student life here - organised by the IntroStudentenTeam, in collaboration with staff


    Farewell and departure from the Larenstein Estate

    Lunch and meal offered by VHL
    Bring sports clothes along for Gein op Larenstein

    We’d appreciate it if you could tell us you’re coming, so please register soon. You can also then pass on your dietary needs. See you then!
Introduction days Register

Book list

Have a look in GreenI (library for the green UASs) to see which required and recommended books are available in the library.

Please note: The library is offering ever more information online, however, we are often bound by the publishers’ terms and conditions. Some e-books are only accessible if you are connected to the network of our university of applied sciences, i.e. only once you have an HVHL account.


  • Questions about the International Welcome day, Introduction day, travel instructions and housing can be addressed to
  • Questions regarding the book lists can be directly sent to the contact person of your study programme.