Provisional focus on online education due to coronavirus


Adjusted study calender

As far as the start of the 2020-2021 academic year is concerned, we assume that 80% of the education will take place online in periods 1 and 2 (until January 2021) and 20% on location, in Leeuwarden and Velp.

Internships, minors and graduation

Agreements concerning internships, minors and graduation projects can continue. Students should coordinate this with their internship provider and their minor, internship, or graduation coordinator at Van Hall Larenstein. Fieldwork for internships, graduation projects or a minor is also permitted, provided it only involves two students at most. Supervision is done remotely.


Many in-person events at Van Hall Larenstein have been cancelled for the time being. Online alternatives are being actively pursued. In any case, the advice is to travel as little as possible and follow the advice of the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) to prevent the further spread of the coronavirus.

Travelling to and returning from abroad

In the case of trips to and from abroad, we are closely following the guidelines of the RIVM and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. International guests and students are welcome at Van Hall Larenstein unless they come from an code orange country. For outbound trips as well, we are following the guidelines linked to the Ministry of Foreign Affair's colour coding for various regions. Booking trips to code orange countries is therefore not allowed. For trips to code yellow countries, a distinction is made between 'need to go' and 'nice to go'. Because colour codes can also change after some time, it is advisable to book trips as late as possible anyway.

Financial matters

Students who run into financial problems due to the Corona measures can turn to DUO. For example, for financial aid or to increase their loan. They can also borrow up to the maximum amount retroactively, from the beginning of the academic year if necessary. In addition, students can apply for tuition credit. They can also arrange this themselves through myDUO. Students who, despite these provisions, find themselves in a tight spot can also turn to DUO for a customised solution.

Students with study-related financial problems may, under certain conditions, be eligible for support from the university of applied sciences. For example, if costs have been incurred from having to return early from an internship abroad or if there is a delay in study due to informal care of family members with corona. Applications for support are submitted via the student counsellor's office.


We find it important that students and staff are continually aware of changes. That is why we keep them up to date via email and MyHVHL.


Students and staff can find all information on the HVHL portal: