Training programmes will be offered online for the time being in connection with the Coronavirus


Following consultation between the Dutch Association of Universities of Applied Sciences, the VSNU and the Ministers of Education (15 March 2020), it was decided to cease training programmes at locations of universities of applied sciences and colleges until 6 April. On Monday March 23, the government decided that all events and meetings will be prohibited until June 1. This has created great uncertainty about the consequences for training programmes offered by colleges and universities. Students and teachers do not know what to prepare for after 7 April and ask for clarity. The Executive Board has therefore decided to continue to provide online education after 7 April. This also applies to all training programmes in period 4. It is hoped that physical lectures can be resumed for a number of weeks in June or July. During this period, lectures and practicals will be scheduled that could not take place before digitally or in alternative way.


We are working hard to ensure that all educational activities continue as far as possible. The possibilities with regard to tests are also currently being examined. However, this will take a while. The aim is to provide more clarity about this on Friday 3 April. This requires some patience. The advice is to continue to study. Tests will have to be made at a later time.

New weekly schedule

At this point, we are working on the schedule between now until 1 September. You will receive further information on the weekly schedule in week 14 at the latest, and this includes information on the rescheduled test weeks until 1 September 2020. This will be based on the then nationally applicable regulations.

Internships, minors and graduation

Physical lectures and tutorials have been cancelled. External activities such as excursions have also been cancelled. Agreements regarding internships and graduation assignments are still in place. Coordinate this with your internship provider and your internship or graduation coordinator. Fieldwork for internships, graduation assignments or a minor is also permitted, but for a maximum of two students. Supervision takes place remotely.


All physical events at Van Hall Larenstein have been cancelled until 1 June. Online alternatives are sought as far as possible. In addition, we will no longer go to work-related or study-related meetings outside the university. In any event, the advice is to make as few travel movements as possible and to follow the advice of the RIVM to prevent further spread of the Coronavirus.

Travel abroad

All students and employees are advised that foreign trips and excursions abroad will not take place for the time being. This also applies to trips and overseas excursions that have already been booked. We cannot predict what measures will apply after this date. We are unable to reschedule postponed trips now because of the uncertain situation.

Returning from abroad

We advise students who are still abroad for an internship or studies to return to the Netherlands quickly and safely. It is up to the student to follow this advice. If you want to book a flight, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs recommends the following. 

  • Contact airlines or travel organisations that fly to the Netherlands or Europe
  • Use the available flight options or options that will become available
  • If you are unable to leave in the short term, you are advised to register with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Information Service if you have not already done so. See: (also possible for groups). This way, the embassy knows that you are in the country. In this case, you will also receive messages from embassies about any additional flight options that airlines offer
  • If departure is not possible in the short term, make sure that your further stay is safe and guaranteed. If you experience any problems here, please contact the embassy via the 24/7 contact centre of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on +31 247 247 247
  • You can also call this number if you have any other questions for the embassy

In addition, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – together with the travel industry, insurers and airlines – has launched another option to repatriate stranded travellers. Please register for this at the platform You will have to pay a personal contribution for this return journey at a later stage. The amount is € 300 per person for journeys in Europe and €900 for journeys outside Europe. You have to agree to this during the registration process


A lot is happening at this point, and the situation is changing almost daily. We believe it is important that students and staff are always kept up to date of any changes. This is why we will keep you informed of current events via e-mail, MyHVHL and webinars.


Students and staff can find all information on the HVHL portal: