Provisional focus on online education due to coronavirus


Adjusted study calender

We have been working hard to ensure that all educational activities continue (online) until the summer holidays whenever feasible, in order to avoid study delays as much as possible. The possibilities with regard to (online) assessments and resits have also been examined. All this has resulted in an adjusted study calendar

that we have used since the end of March. From June 15 onwards, activities will be resumed on location – under strict conditions (one-and-a-half-metre university).
With regard to the start of the 2020-2021 academic year, we assume that training programmes in periods 1 and 2 (until January 2021) will be 80% online and 20% on location, in Leeuwarden and Velp.

Internships, minors and graduation

Physical lectures have been cancelled. External activities such as excursions have also been cancelled. Agreements regarding internships and graduation assignments are still in place. Students will coordinate this with their internship provider and their internship or graduation coordinator at Van Hall Larenstein. Fieldwork for internships, graduation assignments or a minor is also permitted, but for a maximum of two students. Supervision takes place remotely.

Postponement of binding study advice

In line with the advice of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, Van Hall Larenstein has postponed the binding study advice (BSA). This applies to all students:

  • who started their studies at Van Hall Larenstein in September 2019 or later in the academic year 2019/2020;
  • who started their studies at Van Hall Larenstein in the academic year 2018-2019, but who received postponed binding study advice until July 2020.

All these students received a letter at their Van Hall Larenstein e-mail address (… This letter will state that the binding study advice will be postponed by one year, and this postponement will be explained.

Financial affairs

Students who run into financial difficulties due to the Corona measures can turn to DUO (Dutch). They can increase their loan, for example. They can also borrow (the maximum amount) with retroactive effect, from the beginning of the academic year if necessary. In addition, students can apply for tuition fee credit. They can arrange this via mijnDUO. Students who still encounter problems in spite of these facilities can also turn to DUO to find a solution tailored to their needs.

Students with study-related financial problems may qualify for support from the university under certain conditions. For example, if costs have been incurred for an early return from an internship abroad or if a study delay has been incurred due to the provision of informal care to relatives with corona. Applications for support are to be submitted to the student counselling office.


All physical events at Van Hall Larenstein are cancelled until 1 September. Online alternatives are sought as far as possible. In addition, we will no longer go to work-related or study-related meetings outside the university. In any event, the advice is to make as few travel movements as possible and to follow the advice of the RIVM to prevent further spread of the Coronavirus.

Travelling and returning from abroad

We follow the guidelines of RIVM and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs when it comes to travelling abroad and returning from abroad. International guests and students are welcome at Van Hall Larenstein unless they are from an orange country. We also follow the colour-coded guidelines of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for outgoing trips. Booking trips to orange countries is therefore not allowed. When it comes to travelling to yellow countries, a distinction is made between ‘need to go’ and ‘nice to go’. You are advised to book trips as late as possible as colour codes can also change again.

Returning from abroad

We advise students who are still abroad for an internship or studies to return to the Netherlands quickly and safely. It is up to the student to follow this advice. If you want to book a flight, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs recommends the following. 

  • Contact airlines or travel organisations that fly to the Netherlands or Europe
  • Use the available flight options or options that will become available
  • If you are unable to leave in the short term, you are advised to register with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Information Service if you have not already done so. See: (also possible for groups). This way, the embassy knows that you are in the country. In this case, you will also receive messages from embassies about any additional flight options that airlines offer
  • If departure is not possible in the short term, make sure that your further stay is safe and guaranteed. If you experience any problems here, please contact the embassy via the 24/7 contact centre of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on +31 247 247 247
  • You can also call this number if you have any other questions for the embassy.


We believe it is important that students and staff are always aware of the steps we take as a university of applied sciences during these unusual times. That is why we wish to bring them the latest developments with via e-mail and MyHVHL.


Students and staff can find all information on the HVHL portal: