What will education look like in September?


Updates on Coronavirus and VHL

The year is off to a good start: Thankfully, with the easing of many restrictions, we can meet on campus again, and we are looking forward to that! Although most of the classes will be held on campus, some will also be online. 

Your schedule will tell you where and how each class will be held. Lectures that take place online will be recorded whenever possible. Therefore, you can watch them at any time that suits you. 

Which Measures Apply from 30 August? 

- The 1.5-metre distance measure no longer applies to indoor and outdoor educational activities. 
- A face mask is required when moving around inside the university. 
- Give each other space when moving through the corridors and on the stairs. 
- No more than 75 people in an indoor space. 
- Upon entering and exiting the building, you must register with your VHL University of Applied Sciences (VHL) student card (or manually) on the laptop at the entrance and exit. 
- Most (not all) classes to take place on campus (see schedule). 
- Online lectures will be recorded whenever possible. 

Introduction activities Master Students 

VHL is organizing a series of introductory activities such as an International Welcome Day for all international Master students arriving. Students who have registered have received a personal notification via email.  

More practical information on arriving and starting as a student at VHL you will find on the Enrolled 2021 pages. 

Travelling to the Netherlands  

We highly advise you to keep a close eye on the Dutch measures against the coronavirus and the travel advice alerts of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign affairs. On this website, you will find the most recent information. It also includes a link to a quarantine check for travelers that helps you find out what you are required to do if you travel to the Netherlands from your country of residence. This page offers a quick overview of the travel regulations of countries that you might transit through on your way to the Netherlands.  

In case you are required to quarantine upon arrival, we strongly advise you to travel to the Netherlands early to comply with the national health and safety regulations. 

Have a good start and see you on campus! 

Students VHL by bike at the location in Velp