Animals and Business Applied Research Centre

The mission of the Animals and Business Applied Research Centre is: 'To support entrepreneurs, governments and social organisations with practice-based research on innovations in behaviour and the well-being of animals, and the development of a sustainable environment for man and animal. These demands will be used in preparing sustainable business models for the production of sufficient and safe foods, and other bio-based products.'

The ARC focuses on the following items:

  • how animals can be of value to people while taking their (intrinsic) value into account (Animal Welfare)
  • how entrepreneurs can create sustainable value for society and costumers (Corporate Social Responsibility)
  • how natural and man-made habitats can be of value to man and animal (Biodiversity)

The main concept in these three items is 'value'; the task of research centres and profit and no-profit businesses to create value for people (customers and society) and (intrinsic) value of animals and the environment as a limiting condition and goal.

Knowledge centres

The research within the Applied Research Centre is conducted in cooperation with several knowledge centres. There are three knowledge centres within the domain Animals and Business:

  • Dierenwelzijnsweb (Dutch website about Animal Welfare)’
  • Green Entrepreneurship Centre
  • Kenniscentrum Burgers en Biodiversiteit (Dutch Knowledge Centre about Humans and Biodiversity)