Sustainable River Management

Joint initiative

The professorship for Sustainable River Management is a joint initiative of VHL University of Applied Sciences (VHL) and the HAN University of Applied Sciences. With this shared professorship, both universities of applied sciences aim to intensify cooperation in the field of water management. Building on the expertise in land and water management which is available at VHL and the expertise in civil engineering which is available at HAN University of Applied Sciences, the professorship will mainly focus on the issue of how to make river areas both safe and attractive to people, businesses and nature, now and in the future. Special attention will be paid to nature-based approaches, adaptive delta management, asset management and multi-layered safety. 

About the professor

Jeroen Rijke is a civil engineer (TU Delft) with a PhD in public administration (UNESCO-IHE and TU Delft). Before accepting his post at VHL and the HAN University of Applied Sciences, he worked as a management consultant at Triple Bridge and as a researcher at UNESCO-IHE. His most recent projects included: 

  • Space for the River
  • High water protection programme (HWBP-2 and the new HWBP)
  • Delta programme
  • MIRT Research into Multi-layered Safety in Dordrecht and Climate adaptation in Rotterdam 

Besides his work for the professorship, Jeroen will stay on at the Flood Resilience Group at UNESCO-IHE for one day a week, supervising PhD and MSc students from Asia, Latin America and Africa in their research.

Want to know more?

If you would like to know more about (the projects of) the professorship, then contact Jeroen Rijke via

Address in Velp 

Larensteinselaan 26a 
PO box 9001 
6880 GB Velp