Coastal and Marine Management

About the professor

Paddy Walker has been working in the field of fish and fishery biology as a researcher, policy officer and advisor at several research institutions and organisations, both nationally and internationally, for more than 20 years. As an experienced expert, Paddy has got to know the broad dialogue about fishery and aquaculture very well. Paddy Walker will shape the ‘Marine’ Knowledge Centre of the Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences. This offers the opportunity for the areas of expertise of marine policy, ecosystems and fishery & aquaculture to join forces. The ‘Marine’ Knowledge Centre, which is unique in the Netherlands, will function as a platform. Based on current issues coming from practice, professors, researchers, lecturers, students and professionals from this field will work together to achieve sustainable use of the coast and sea.

Mission and objective

The management of sea systems and coastal systems is a complex matter. Conflicting claims regarding space in coastal areas and the North Sea, climate change and competition among various parties pose a threat to our coastline. 

Using our coastal and sea areas in a sustainable way demands insight and knowledge. Where the interests of nature, economy and society meet, sustainable decisions have to be made very carefully. It is important for the sustainable future of fishery and aquaculture that fishermen, cultivators, fish processors, policy makers, research and education work together effectively. The Coastal and Marine Management professorship is central to these issues. It builds a bridge between educational and research institutions, governments, the business sector and NGOs, taking into consideration both the natural system and the socioeconomic and administrative system.

Knowledge circle 

The professorship forms part of the Applied Research Centre for Delta Areas and Resources and has substantive contacts with the training programmes that belong to the faculty of Delta Areas and Resources, including Coastal and Marine Management and Management of the Living Environment. Various people are active within the professorship. They work jointly on the challenges set by the professorship. Below you will find an overview of several active staff members. 

•    David Goldsborough  
•    Alwin Hylkema  
•    Patrick Bron  
•    Marlous Heemstra  
•    Marieke Verweij  
•    Jeroen Huisman  
•    Sara Eeman  
•    Joop van Eerbeek 


Applied research, such as is conducted by our professors, researchers, teachers and students, is always geared towards improvement of the professional practice. Research results should be applicable for businesses and professionals in the public sector. A good relationship with businesses and institutions inside and outside the region is achieved through innovative solutions to practical issues and the availability of highly trained professionals.

Within the training programme of Coastal and Marine management, we are also working on fantastic projects to make the world a little more sustainable. These projects fall under the Professorship of Coastal and Marine Management:

Want to know more?

If you would like to know more about (the projects of) the professorship, then contact Paddy Walker via or Marlous Heemstra (project coordinator) via 

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