Management of Forested Landscapes

Sustainable Way

The professorship for Management of Forested Landscapes applies itself to the management of ecosystems in order to develop a more diverse, productive, profitable, healthy and sustainable way of land exploitation. The focus of the professorship is mainly on tropical forest landscapes, and specifically on the challenges that come with the sustainable production of palm oil.

About the professor

Euridice Leyequién has worked as a researcher and advisor on worldwide changes in Neotropical ecosystems for over 15 years. The emphasis of her work is on physically driven ecosystems such as agro-ecological landscapes, secondary forests and silvopastoral systems. As a senior researcher with an international network, she focuses on bringing together science, management and practice concerning the development of sustainable tropical forest landscapes.

Want to know more?

If you would like to know more about (the projects of) the professorship, then contact Euridice Leyequién via

Address in Velp

Van Hall Larenstein 
Larensteinselaan 26a 
PO box 9001 
6880 GB Velp