Food Application Centre for Technology (FACT)

For innovative dairy and food technology

The Food Application Centre for Technology (FACT) is there for the food industry and students of food technology at intermediate and higher vocational level. Students who wish to follow a minor or major in Food Technology are welcome as well. The FACT is a Food Grade research and demonstration facility with modern food preparation equipment which focuses on:

  • Product and process innovation in dairy, sauces and bakery;
  • Training and courses.
An artist's impression of the Food Application Centre for Technology

The FACT was partly made possible with financial support from the province of Friesland. It contributes towards the objectives of the province in terms of encouraging entrepreneurship, preserving and increasing employment opportunities and stimulating nature inclusiveness as well as short production and marketing chains. Dairy is a very important theme for FACT in the availability of equipment, knowledge and analysis.

On Tuesday 3 April 2018, Van Hall Larenstein in Leeuwarden started renovation works in the former Wetsus process hall (next to the food hall), which will ultimately become our new Food Application Centre for Technology (FACT). Construction work will be completed by the end of July. The equipment will be installed in the ensuing months.

Benefits for business

  • Meeting place for new staff
  • Easy access to knowledge and innovation at  a short distance
  • Analysis and advice
  • Access to modern pilot processing equipment
  • Network of potential cooperation partners

FACT Leeuwarden

Van Hall Larenstein and Nordwin College jointly launched the FACT as a research and training facility. Together with the Water Application Centre, it offers great opportunities for practical training and research in food and water. It is an intensive cooperation with businesses which contributes to the following:

  • The availability of more and better-trained young professionals in the food domain
  • Further training and retraining geared towards food technology
  • The facilitating of research for the food industry and the promotion of start-ups

It offers the professors of Food and Dairy Applied Research facilities to properly support research by the applied research group.


A substantial increase in activity and employment (both in qualitative and quantitative terms) in SMEs in the food industry in the Northern Netherlands and a more than sufficient supply of highly qualified staff, partly as a result of successful product and process innovation in close cooperation between businesses and knowledge institutions.


Offering a testing ground in the field of food technology: an accessible meeting place where knowledge is generated and shared and new product and process concepts are developed in close cooperation between SMEs and knowledge institutes.

Opening symposium ‘Mild and Sustainable Dairy Processing’ Watch