Green Entrepreneurship Centre

The Green Entrepreneurship Centre (GEC) is a research centre at Van Hall Larenstein that focuses on coaching enterprising students, graduates and future entrepreneurs, and supporting start-ups and projects that involve sustainable and innovative business practices. The GEC is available to all students and graduates, no matter what course they take or have taken at Van Hall Larenstein. The centre works within an extended network that offers lots of facilities, coaching and opportunities.

Green Business

The Green Entrepreneurship Centre dedicates itself to green businesses. Green Businesses focus on the development of sustainable ideas and products. Within the domains Animal and Business, Delta Area and Resources, and Food and Dairy we work on business and innovation in an economy where things like sustainable production, circular economy and sustainable chains and governments have become self-evident. To do business in a sustainable way the entrepreneurs, products and services that contribute to the environment and economy have to be centre stage. They need to enhance the awareness of green entrepreneurship or reduce the negative impact of certain existing products and services.

Whether you want to start a company as a landscape architect or a consultant in water management, or you’re thinking about agricultural entrepreneurship or organising an event, come to our Green Entrepreneurship Centre. We’re happy to offer you our support.

Different fields

The Green Entrepreneurship Centre consists of 5 different fields:

  • Sustainable Business: in this field you aim for a sustainable business in a safe environment. You actively work at the reduction of waste, respect human rights and work with the most sustainable energy. In short, you make your company ready for the future in a sustainable way.
  • International Business: international business focuses on relations with other business cultures and learning foreign languages. In- and export, starting a company abroad, opening a sales office in a different country, chain cooperation and international consultancy are some of the things you will deal with as an international entrepreneur.
  • Social Business: in social business the focus is on stimulating social innovations and changes in several fields such as education, health and environment. Your first aim is to create social and/or ecological value, at the same time trying to optimise financial value. For example: starting a charity foundation or a cooperation where manufacturers cooperate to establish better conditions.
  • Domestic Business: you can also start your own project or manage your own department within an existing organisation, using your qualities as an entrepreneur. For example the development of a more effective production process. In this field you will get acquainted with the ins and outs.
  • Projects involving circular economy: this field involves setting up projects that are aimed at bio-based practices or products/services for non-food, implementing your knowledge of biological processes, natural eco systems, sustainable energy or waste recycling.

For businesses, students and… you?

The centre offers several possibilities for students: personal coaching, IT-facilities, networking, microcredit, idea labs, minors in entrepreneurship and life-long-learning programmes focused on business and innovation. We also offer several possibilities for existing businesses, graduates, governments and consultancy agencies that have a specific question or assignment within the field of Green Entrepreneurship.

So if you’re a student, entrepreneur or graduate with plans to start your own company, if you need support and advice regarding your business, if you want to develop your ideas within a network or want to get in touch with other (starting) businesses? Do not hesitate to contact us through

Courses at VHL open to external participants

Social Entrepreneurship for Local Change

All students/other interested participants can find more information and sign up for this course though A registration link which will appear in the Fall 2017. The free online course will be offered again in February-May/June 2018.

Minor Sustainable Entrepreneurship

VHL students can up for the minors through SIS (Agribusiness and Business Administration in Velp and Leeuwarden). More information about the minor in Velp. More information for international students on application.

External HBO students from The Netherlands can sign up through Kies-op-maat: 

Other VHL minors

VHL offers many more courses related to Green Entrepreneurship. Find more info on our English taught minors.

For courses in Dutch send an email to request info: