Data Driven Dairy Decisions For Farmers

Together with 14 partners, Van Hall University of Applied Sciences and ZLTO form part of the European project ‘Data Driven Dairy Decisions For Farmers’ (4D4F). 4D4F focuses on the role that sensors play in collecting real-time information, which enables dairy farmers to take efficient decisions. The network is developing a Community of Practice (COP) in which dairy farmers, consultants, technology suppliers and researchers share knowledge, exchange experiences and work together to improve the use of sensors and data.

The 4D4F project is funded by Horizon 2020 and aims to focus on the role that animal and ambient sensors can play in collecting real-time information in order to make better-informed decisions in the dairy farm.

Best Practice Guides are developed in the project. These are manuals on the use of sensors and management systems in dairy farms. The information is supported with videos, infographics and online virtual tools. In addition, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are made which can be geared individually towards businesses and which can assist livestock farmers and consultants in working with sensors and management systems.

For more information on the subjects above, go to: www.4d4f.eu.

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