Aquatic biomass chain

Research project

This process aims to investigate the feasibility of the production, processing and sale of aquatic biomass – Lemna (duckweed) and Azolla (waterfern) in the provinces of Overijssel and Gelderland in order to cancel out stagnation in the application of protein extraction from Lemna and Azolla. Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences is involved in two work packages in which, among other things, a lecture and excursion have been developed for agrarian study groups. In addition, the learning objectives for the course are drawn up, the curriculum is designed and teaching material is created; this mainly consists of cultivation guides and business cases. The recruitment of participants is supported by the other project partners. A two-day course will be organised in order to inform the agrarians.

The excursion and the lecture will mainly be used to introduce interested agrarians to the basic principles of the cultivation of aquatic biomass. The learning objective: after the excursion and the tour, the participant will be able to assess whether or not further studies and/or investigation of the options for their business operations are interesting. The course will be more in-depth and will focus on all aspects that are relevant in cultivation, business operations and the cost-benefit analysis. This way, the basic principles will be presented which will enable an agrarian to make a thorough business assessment as to whether or not they will cultivate aquatic biomass.

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Start – 1 December 2015
End – 31 December 2018

Core team

  • Eric de Bruin     
  • Greta van Beek
  • Karolina Smiech
  • Tom Wijers
  • Cees Gauw


  • ABC kroos  
  • Stichting Waterpark en Veldwerkcentrum Het Lankheet
  • Teletimber B.V.
  • Colubris Technologies B.V.
  • Coöperatief Plan B met U.A.
  • Aan- en verkoopcoöperatie De Eendracht U.A.
  • Enkco B.V.
  • Unipro B.V.
  • Plant Research International (Wageningen UR)


The partners guarantee the financing of the project from their own resources.