Research project

BIOCAS is about the clever cascading of biomass for use in various applications. Examples include the extraction of proteins from biomass for application in human and animal consumption, the extraction of sugars and carbohydrates for application in biopolymers or the production of energy and extraction of nutrients and organic residual material for fertilisers in the soil. Cascading means the clever linking of various chains and production techniques in order to arrive at entire chains that ultimately work together. BIOCAS aims to (co-)develop these chains and make analyses in the field of sustainability, value creation and the development of business models.


  1. Setting up a tool to analyse the ecological and economic impact of the bio-cascade chains
  2. Setting up and developing guidelines for the business model of every chain
  3. Developing a number of examples of both ecological and economic impact and business models
  4. Collecting outcomes developed by every partner in order to add these to the final overview.

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Start – 12 June 2017
End – 31 December 2020

Core team

  • Jerke de Vries (projectleider)                                  
  • Eric de Bruin
  • Rik Eweg                                                                      
  • Jan Brouwer                                                                
  • Pauline Drost                                                              
  • Sebastiaan Masselink                                               
  • Inge de Vries