DNA Frisian Flag

Research project

There is an awareness gap among many Dutch people when it comes to water management and being water-conscious (OESO, 2014). Many people do not have a clear idea of the water system they use nor of the associated water quality. Water quality does not meet the norm everywhere and resilience is not always optimal. Awareness of people plays an important role here. They make direct use of the water system via recreation, for example, and influence the water in this way. Awareness of people can be increased by providing them with a ‘view under water’ in locations that would otherwise not be visible and bringing them into contact with this water system.

During this project, a walking and sailing route will be laid out which will take people along various waters in and around the town of Leeuwarden such as the Potmarge and the canals. The route map details the special features of the water system for each location. For example, a description of the water campus will be featured for the Potmarge, but the history of the Potmarge and the improvements made in recent years will be included as well. In addition, there will be transparent canoes which will take people along the Gele Plomp at various times. This project aims to increase water awareness among users of the system, thereby encouraging more sustainable use of the water system.

Would you like to know more about the DNA Friese vlag project? Then contact bert.schutte@hvhl.nl.


Start – 1 November 2017
End – 1 July 2018

Core team

  • Peter van der Maas       
  • Bert Schutte