Project Family Dairy Tech

The Family dairy Tech project focused on the question: 'How can Dutch companies specialized on dairy housing systems adapt their products and offer these on the Indian market to contribute to sustainable and profitable local dairy farming?'.

The consortium investigated how, by smart combinations of existing and new technologies, the cow-varieties and milk- and stable-management systems in Baramati, India, for family farmers could be optimized in an affordable and sustainable way. By participating in the project, the Dutch companies could also explore potential markets in India.

The demand for dairy products in India is increasing. Small and medium-sized family farmers want to capitalize on this development and the Indian government wants to support them. This results in a search for sustainable and affordable stable management systems for family dairy farms in India. They look for Dutch technology that is useful to an ‘emerging economy’.

Dutch companies offer knowledge and a wide range of products and services to improve dairy housing systems and better milk quality, in which India is interested. However, the Dutch technology is sophisticated and expensive. For a successful entry into this market, entrepreneurs have to develop affordable and robust (‘frugal’) systems and products adapted to the Indian climate and market conditions.

Download the Advisory Report Family Dairy Tech, India (pdf)
By: Rik Eweg, Ben Rankenberg, Pramod Agrawal and Marco Verschuur

Since 2011, Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences is collaborating with a college and an agricultural information center Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK), Baramati, Pune district, Maharashtra State India. In this region many small-scale dairy farmers are active. Within this project, KVK supported farmers to scale up their farm form one or a few cows up to 15 to 100 cows, with a better milk quality. In this innovative project, VHL and Saxion Universities of Applied Sciences, in collaboration with KVK and several Dutch companies developed integrated solutions for the growing number of dairy farms in the State of Maharashtra, India.

Indo-Dutch Centre of Excellence Dairy

The project inspired the Agricultural Development Trust Baramati to develop an Indo-Dutch Centre of Excellence on Dairy. The first stone for this Centre was put by Minister Carola Schouten, in May 2018. The Centre will be the environment for further collaboration between VHL, companies with Indian companies, knowledge institutes and farmers in Dairy.

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