Innovative Climate Stress Test Fryslân

Research project

This project aims to provide an insight into the potential effects of climate change, such as flooding and water shortages, but also heat stress. It aims to do so via the development of a climate stress test in order to substantiate and prioritise climate adaptation strategies and choices in Friesland and to stimulate participative area development. The objective was formulated in cooperation with the Friesian administrative agreement on the water chain (Dutch abbreviation: FBWK). A simulation model is developed to this end from which the maps and images are used in interactive policy-making and implementation of spatial adaptation.


  • The project develops a climate stress test for the entire management area of the water board and the province of Friesland which calculates the flooding risks with heavy rain as well as the heat in the town and region with climate developments. This stress test shows bottlenecks in and surrounding the built environment with which the various actors can plan measures to prevent damage. Masterclasses in climate adaptation offer best practices as well as research results in terms of use and necessity.
  • The municipality of Leeuwarden will be highlighted in 3D. Leeuwarden is the exemplary town for other (smaller) municipalities and it can compete with European cities that have not made as much progress in terms of mapping out climate impact.
  • The maps, analyses and insights will be made accessible via the knowledge portal in the form of Story Maps (online stories consisting GIS maps, tekst, videos et cetera) in cooperation with the Climate Adaptation Services platform.

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Start – 1 January 2017
End – 1 July 2018

Core team

  • Peter van der Maas
  • Jan Fliervoet
  • Ignas Dummer


  • Hanze University of Applied Sciences
  • University of Groningen
  • TAUW
  • Climate Adaptation Services (CAS)