Limburg Water-proof

Research project

The Limburg Water-proof project focuses on the question of how private individuals can use the rainwater that is removed from the sewage system on their premises, and in such a way that biodiversity and nature values are reinforced and a contribution is made towards a more heat-resistant and healthier living environment. The research focuses on existing knowledge, concepts and models, on knowledge questions of managers/designers/residents/implementers as well as on new models and concepts required to be able to provide an answer to the knowledge questions.

The Limburg Water-proof project aims to boost nature values and health in the built environment in an enterprising and innovating way and in line with the regional water agenda of Waterklaar. In co-creation and co-production with house owners and residents, neighbourhood volunteers, professionals and education/research, systems geared towards the individual environment are developed, built and tested. The intention is to gain experience and to have an idea of practical implementation questions and answers to them. The tested models and acquired knowledge is made available for private individuals, collectives of private individuals and businesses. Depending on the requirements, these models can be deployed on a limited or extensive scale by these individual target groups or in combination


Start – 1 January 2017
End – 31 December 2018

Core team

  • Peter van der Maas
  • Peter Groenhuijzen


  • Citaverde College
  • Wonen Limburg
  • Water panel Noord Limburg
  • Woonwenz
  • Antares housing association
  • Landscaping company Herman Vaessen
  • Jonkers Hoveniers
  • TAUW
  • Wildkamp b.v.
  • Consultancy agency Boot
  • Peel en maasvallei water board