Career opportunities

Working with animals and people

The animal husbandry sector is full of opportunities. As a graduate, you will be guaranteed a head-start on the job market as you will already have valuable work experience. This way, you will have plenty of career options to choose from. You can work as:

  • advisor to a supplier
  • relations manager
  • commercial officer
  • management officer
  • entrepreneur, for instance a dairy cattle farmer.

If your ambition is to base your career on the business and management aspects of your degree, you can find work at a bank or at an insurance company. Other appealing career paths include management positions, project management and scientific research.
If you specialise in the Equine sector, you can for instance become an event organiser. Like some of our graduates, you can also decide to spend some more time abroad after finishing your studies. Others have used this Bachelor degree to start up a company and blossom into successful entrepreneurs.

Whatever you choose, the international world of animal husbandry will be at your feet! Depending on your specialisation, you can also find work in more specialised areas.

Applied Animal Science

As a specialist of Applied Animal Science, you will be a professional with an extensive knowledge of animal husbandry and specialist knowledge of the animal. You could for instance become a specialist in pig feed and animal safety at an international organisation such as Nutreco. As an animal specialist, you will be able to give advice in case of problems concerning animal husbandry, feeding and performance of 'your' species. As an advisor, you can assist veterinarians and animal breeders. You monitor new research achievements and developments regarding your specialisation on behalf of a breeding organisation such as CR Delta. Owing to your educational background, you will know exactly how to translate your findings into practice. While doing so, you will also know how to balance the interests of different stakeholders and tensions involved in food safety, legal enforcement, animal welfare and health, and social versus business and economic aspects. In short, you are an expert with a strong network in your specialist area and have the potential to make a difference in the sector of animal husbandry.

Equine, Sports and Business

The horse industry is booming. This means that you, as a young professional in Equine, Sports and Business, are in luck. During your studies, you will start building a network of valuable contacts, and acquire essential work experience. You will probably be pleased to hear that a lot of our graduates found work at the organisation where they did their placement.

Graduates of Equine, Sports and Business can be found all over the world, most commonly in the fields of trade, service and consultancy. You could open up new international markets and develop sustainable market opportunities for organisations such as studbooks or traders' associations. You could work as a consultant for organisations abroad and bring them into contact with other countries. Another possibility is being involved in the breeding and trading of horses. Finally, your solid financial background makes you an interesting professional for a wide range of equine related organisations.

As a specialist in Equine, Sports and Business, you will know that the relationship between the horse and the human is crucial. Apart from being an experts on horses, you will also have the necessary communication skills. The international outlook of this specialisation ensures that you will have many opportunities to work in a variety of positions, and to participate in the global debates on the sector.

Possible jobs are organising events or working on equine-related topics as a project leader, manager or consultant. Your specific knowledge of horses will enable you to communicate with all kinds of organisations, such as the Royal Dutch Equestrian Sports Federation, feed producers such as PAVO and event organisers such as CHIO Aachen. You will be able to translate scientific research findings into practical advice. The combination of a practice-oriented Bachelor programme and the international setting it is taught in makes for an ideal springboard to your future career.

With a bachelor's degree in Animal Husbandry, you can also go on to study at a university, for example by enrolling in an MSc programme at partner institutions in the UK or at Wageningen University.