Content programme

Animal Husbandry: a challenging combination

The Animal Husbandry programme doesn't just teach you just about everything there is to know about animals; it also concerns everything around them. You'll want to sign up for this programme if your life is all about keeping animals and managing their interests, and you're not daunted by this challenging combination.

The programme will teach you about biology and economy, but topics will also include entrepreneurship, marketing, financial management, advice and education, innovation, research, management, animal behaviour, livestock breeding and international trading.

Your study career

Subjects like market and industry, animal health, marketing, nutrition and reproduction, will be offered in different study periods. How you organise these subjects is up to you, and depends on your fields of interest.

After the first year you'll select a preferred work field. You'll broaden your knowledge and further develop your skills. You'll do an internship and participate in an exchange in the international, agricultural field, or you'll learn how to set up your own business. During the last part of the programme, you will specialise further and expand your knowledge by doing a minor, and you'll put your skills into practice by doing an internship. You will complete the programme by doing a graduation project.

Example programme structure

Year Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Term 4

Sector orientation

Animal nutrition and breeding


Animal health

Animals in society

Animals in business

Land & Forage Management

Practical project

2 Internship

Research & Health

Nutrition and breeding


Animal health / Online marketing


Product quality / Horse-rider interaction

3 Further depth in Animal / Business / Industry / Trade Internship
4 Minor Graduation