Career opportunities

Your future sector

Your career opportunities are versatile and varied. You can work as a consultant, project manager, account manager, event organiser, marketer, equine welfare specialist or breeding expert. Graduates land at both national and international employers. For example at feed producers, sector organisations, stables and breeding farms. Then there are also insurers, transport and event agencies.

Some examples where graduates of Equine, Sports and Business are employed:

  • Horse insurance companies: Xcellent Horse Insurances
  • Feed producers: Pavo, Höveler
  • Equestrian sports equipment: Equiva, Stübben, Bieman de Haas (BR & Anky)
  • Transport/ Logistics: Copex
  • Media: Eisma Horses Media, Clip my Horse
  • Breeding organisations: KWPN, NRPS, Hannoveraner association, Swedish Warmblood, Oldenburger association
  • Event agencies: Reed Exhibitions (Equitana) , Academy Bartels (Horse Event) Cross Media Ventures (Indoor Brabant), Kasselmann (Horses & Dreams)
  • Industry associations: FNRS, KNHS, ZLTO

Would you like to continue your studies after obtaining your Bachelor's degree? Then, of course, moving on to a Master's programme at a university (in the Animals or Business Administration track) is also an option.

High demand for graduate professionals

The international equestrian sector consists of many private owners and riders who enjoy their horses in their own way. In addition, there are also many professional companies that own horses or care for horses owned by others; these include equestrian centres, breeders, sports and training stables, commercial stables and boarding stables.

In your studies, you will not be specifically trained to work directly in a stable, but on the periphery. This is where the companies that supply stables, riding stables and private horse owners are located. Examples include feed suppliers, manufacturers of equestrian sports equipment, insurers and sports federations. As a result, graduates work at very different types of companies, and in very different positions.