Stories of International Business' students

Students and graduates talk about their experiences with the International Business study programme:

'It is a need of balancing people, planet en profit in order to be competitive'

Kiyomars Mahmoud (graduate) is the owner of a consultancy firm. He presented the International Business programme at our open day and wants to share his story with you. Curious? Check his video here.

'A great introduction into the world of sustainability and CSR'

Marie-Kristin Geest, graduate, wanted to gain more insight into this important aspect of the business world. She did the minor International Sustainability Management at Van Hall Larenstein. Read the story of Marie-Kristin here.

'Innovation and reuse of materials is on the rise in the sustainable fashion world'

Shekila Ramautar, graduate and now an entrepreneur, tells about sustainability in the fashion world. Read Shekila's story here.

'Finding and winning new (sustainable) market opportunities'

Delphine Ingabire, graduate, tells about her international job. Read Delphine's story here.

'Working in an international environment is challenging and you learn a great deal'

Hendrik van Houten, a graduate from International Business at Van Hall Larenstein talks about his study and career. Read his story here.

'I would like to inspire other young entrepreneurs'

Vu Huyen Tran Duong studies International Business and has chosen International Sustainability Management as a specialisation. "Sustainability is becoming increasingly important in contemporary life." Read the story of Vu Huyen Tran Duong.

'I researched the opportunities of value chain improvements'

Mats Rooijakkers did his internship abroad: in Taiwan. He tells about his research and experience. Read the story of Mats here.

Give me an international career any day!

Saskia Feldmann is a student in the field of International Business at Van Hall Larenstein. This study is strong in its practical approach in addition to the much-needed theory.’ Read the story of Saskia here.

What mean CSR and the triple bottom line really for today's businesses and future managers

During her third year at Van Hall Larenstein, Sabine Waschull had the opportunity to apply her newly gained knowledge to a real life sustainability project. Read Sabine's story here.