Professional fields

Within this Bachelor study programme you can choose to specialise in the following professional fields:

  • Disaster Risk Management
  • Rural Development and Innovation
  • Sustainable Value Chains

Disaster Risk Management

Droughts, heat waves, floods and other disasters are happening more frequently and are increasing in severity. When they happen, they disrupt entire societies. In some regions, these disasters are more frequent than in others. How can you help societies get back on their feet quickly after a disaster, and in such a way that they are more resilient when the next disaster occurs?

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Rural Development and Innovation

In some countries, people are moving to the cities, causing depopulation of the countryside. What will be the effect on the liveability in villages, the effect for the rural youth? For an Eastern European family farm globalization (including EU regulations) may force them to stop farming or diversify their income, e.g. to earn additional income from West-European tourists. 

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Sustainable Value Chains

The world seems to be getting smaller by the day, while the differences between people are getting bigger and bigger. Fortunately, people, organisations and companies increasingly see the necessity of change and are acting accordingly. 

As a chain expert, you will create a better existence for the producers and their organisations, working together with businesses, NGOs and (local) governments. In order to achieve this responsible trade, you will use your knowledge of sustainable food production as well as your people skills and, not least, your economic drive.

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