“As an alumni of APCM, I have learned various value chain management techniques that would help us as students and as future professionals. Enthusiastic and qualified teachers with at least a decade of experience helped and shared with the students their knowledge. Throughout the semester, there were various opportunities for discussions, practical learning activities and assignments that gave us the opportunity to apply the lessons and techniques that we studied. I learned the importance of perseverance, being focused, commitment to work independently and as a team, among many other values. Other outcomes of my experience are building on my international network and learning about and from other cultures. These values, in my point of view, are the most important because this will not only help me in my work but also in my personal and academic life.”
Su Theint Win, Myanmar, APCM graduate 2018

“VHL has a good education system, I would say. Based on my experience it was quite different compared to our system in Tanzania. As the course progressed I was able to cope with it. While I gained skills and knowledge throughout my studies, I also gained a valuable practical and professional experience. The practical experience for instance helped me to confidently do my research work on value chain analysis on soybean in Tanzania. Now I am confident that I can successfully conduct any agricultural value chain analysis projects across the globe.”
Beda Mitungi, Tanzania, APCM graduate 2018

“Based on my experience in VHL, the University uses a practical approach in its teaching and learning. Equipping students with professional ethics such in report preparation, presentations, good communication, time management, and good interpersonal skills. Personally, this was what I was looking for at this stage of my career and I think VHL made me perform better professionally. The school environment, the facilities, the teaching and none-teaching staff were all very welcoming. It’s a good place to study.”
Frank Oduro, Ghana, APCM graduate 2018

“The VHL learning style is like riding a roller coaster – very rigorous and challenging but very exciting. You really see the added value and the impact of the experience after completing the course. Maybe even more than while undergoing it, because it is a real-life experience you have to manage. You are on your own to figure things out - with guidance, of course - and that is life learning!”
Habiba Nyarko Agyemang, Ghana, APCM graduate 2018

“The system of education at Van Hall Larenstein is very interesting. I learned a lot of skills and developed my critical thinking. Apart from that I also gained good friends and network from different countries!”
Meron Rata, Ethiopia, APCM graduate 2018

“Back in Zimbabwe I will train small-scale dairy farmers. I will encourage them to make sustainable innovations so that they can increase their incomes while consciously dealing with climate change.”
Honour Shumba, Zimbabwe, APCM graduate 2018

“Studying at VHL helped me attain more transformative impacts through continual innovation and applied research. The APCM master course is tailor-made to equip cadres who are able to excel professionally and articulate timely agricultural issues at any level.”
Virimai Madzivire, Regional dairy officer in Zimbabwe, APCM graduate 2014

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