Enrolled 2019

Welcome to the world of Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences!

You applied as a student at Van Hall Larenstein and we are looking forward to meeting you. If we have received all the necessary data from you, we will start arranging all practical necessities in order for you to start studying at Van Hall Larenstein. 

On these pages you can find all general information about studying at Van Hall Larenstein and studying in Holland, but also specific information about studying in Velp and studying in Leeuwarden.

Your admittance will become definite when you have fullfilled all the requirements that are stated in the Letter of Conditional Admittance and you have transferred the tuition fee and other fees to the  Van Hall Larenstein bank account. Please read the information about the Application procedure carefully.

We will inform you once your enrolment has been finalised. However, if anything goes wrong, please contact us – it is our job to help! You can reach us during office hours.

tel: +31 (0)26 369 55 66 
e-mail: info@vhluniversity.com

Student Service Centre

Enjoy your holiday and we look forward to seeing you in August / September!