Sustainable peatlands: A win for all

How can we restore and protect peatlands? This has been the subject of four years of research by the Carbon Connects and CANAPE projects. During the international symposium ‘Sustainable peatlands: A win for all’ in October, the innovative techniques, business models and policy options that have been developed over these years will be presented.

We are looking forward to welcoming you online and at Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences in Leeuwarden, in October 2021.

Sustainable peatlands

Peatlands – also known as mires, fens and bogs - are a type of wetland found in almost every country on earth. Peatlands are one of our most valuable ecosystems, however, they are under intense threat. Globally, 25% of peatlands have been destroyed, and in Europe peatlands have been assessed as the most degraded ecosystem (European Commission). Peatland restoration and protection is thus highly significant to global attempts to combat climate change. It is crucial to create and share sustainable ways to manage peatlands that can both protect our environment and provide a viable future for landowners and farmers.


This 3-day conference brings together European stakeholders, managers and policy makers to discuss their visions on restoring and protecting peatlands. The event focuses on innovative techniques, business models and policy options developed over 4 years of work by the projects CANAPE and CARBON CONNECTS.

Vistitor address: Agora 1, 8934 CJ Leeuwarden (directions) 


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CANAPE (Creating A New Approach to Peatland Ecosystems) aims to increase the sustainability of peatlands. The project has two main pillars, one looking at the physical restoration practices for peatland lakes and wetlands, and one developing practical demonstrations of paludiculture. The project also develops best practice for monitoring rewetting and lake restoration projects. Currently 8 Pilot sites are being delivered across Northern Europe.

Carbon Connects

Carbon Connects aims to reduce the high carbon footprint of peatland soils in Northwest Europe by introducing new bio-based business models developed for sustainable land management practices.