Welcome to Van Hall Larenstein!

Welcome to Van Hall Larenstein: the most sustainable University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands!

We train high-quality, ambitious and innovative students who contribute to a more sustainable world. The curricula of Van Hall Larenstein focus on the domains Delta Areas and Resources - Food and Dairy - Animal and Business and our educational programme is competence based. This means that, right from the start, you will be in close contact with professional life and practice. At Van Hall Larenstein, we conduct practice-based research which enhances both our teaching and our position as a research institute.

We have a diverse offer of Bachelor, Master and Certificate programmes and short courses for regional, national and international students. We strongly believe that international experience is crucial in the development of our students as intercultural competences are required in almost all career fields. We therefore offer a range of English-taught programmes that bring together national and international students in one classroom. Studying at Van Hall Larenstein gives you access to the world: our students work on international projects, obtain highly valued work experience during internships abroad or go on international exchange in another country.

Right from the start you will develop a professional network of students and colleagues from all over the world. That is why choosing Van Hall Larenstein means choosing a professional education, which you apply in real life!

Why choose Van Hall Larenstein?

  • The most sustainable University of Applied Sciences in The Netherlands
  • Unique study programmes in fields in which The Netherlands is the absolute best: no.1 exporter in Europe (agriculture, food & flowers)
  • Combine theory with practice
  • Over 4000 students and home to more than 40 different nationalities
  • Professional orientation: VHL has close connections to the business world and NGO’s. Through projects, excursions and international internships, our students work on real life cases which enhances their career possibilities  
  • Small classes, personal attention and team work with close student-teacher and student-student relationships
  • Two amazing locations: In Velp we are located on the Larenstein Estate: a modern building surrounded by luscious greenery, only a few minutes away from the vibrant city centre of Arnhem. We have second location in Leeuwarden, European capital of culture 2018. Leeuwarden is a student city with loads of international students, with canals flowing through the city and also closely located to the Dutch islands.