Content programme

Content programme: International Development Management

International Development Management teaches you more about geography, biology and green economy, but it also includes the following topics: international collaborations, intercultural communication, prevention of natural disasters and reconstruction following disasters, fair trade, business administration, strengthening of rural societies and you'll also learn how to set up projects.

Your study career

When you start off with the programme you will focus on the fascinating work field of International Development Management. You will study subjects like marketing (regarding the sector, international development and business), and organisation and innovation, which are presented from the programme's perspective. This approach will motivate you to make a well-considered choice for a specialisation.

You will do a taster internship; you'll expand your knowledge and you'll learn how to put your skills into practice, by, for instance, setting up your own business or service. You'll then go on to specialise further, by doing a minor to expand your knowledge further and broaden your expertise. You'll also do an internship where you can put your skills into practice.

You'll round the programme off by doing a graduation project for a company or organisation. The programme and its specialisations are offered in English.

Example programme structure

Year Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Term 4
1 Understanding the international development sector and sustainability Development of rural communities, research methods

Project management

Organisation and company orientation

Innovation in sustainable rural development
2 Internship (abroad) Food security, sustainable agriculture and applied research Social and inclusive entrepreneurship Building resilient communities
3 Specialisation Internship (abroad)
4 Minor Graduation