Campus Velp

Studying on a fantastic estate

Do you opt for a study programme in Velp? Then you choose to study in the most beautiful classroom of the Netherlands: Larenstein estate, where you will find more than half of all plant species in the Netherlands.

Larenstein estate formed part of a belt of estates as early as the 18th century, and they were situated on the transition area between the push moraine complex in Gelderland and the IJssel valley. The number of estates has decreased enormously over the last century. Only street names remind of these pleasure gardens of yore. But Larenstein estate still exists and is currently one big practice area for the various study programmes at Van Hall Larenstein.

In our modern building you can use an extensive library and various laboratories. The spacious (practice) areas and the enormous amount of natural light make for pleasant study and work conditions in Velp.You will receive a personal e-mail address with which you can log on wirelessly to one of the many computers in the building in order to check your study results, schedule changes and other current affairs.


Van Hall Larenstein offers extensive library facilities. You can find good and reliable information via the catalogue and in databases. More information on the library is available at service provision.

It is often difficult to seek and find relevant information. Many students and members of staff can also use help in the processing of this information. You can find more information on this on the Library page.

From now on, there is one go-to point within Van Hall Larenstein for any questions regarding the broad field of copyright, which is the information point for copyright.

The estate

The location in Vesp is situated on Larenstein estate. A number of mini-biotopes have been created in the landscaped wildlife garden with various soil types. It is a garden with native flora and fauna. Half of the 1,700 native Dutch plant species can be found here.

This is useful when you want to familiarise yourself with plants! In addition to these special plants, the garden houses foxes, a kingfisher couple and a stone marten.

Students of Gardening and Landscape Architecture learn their lists of plants in the assortment garden on the estate. This garden is also used for the implementation of vegetation studies, the calculation drainage in the streams, land surveying and soil research. It is basically a gigantic laboratory!

As soon as the sun comes out, the garden is an ideal place to relax in between lectures with your fellow students from more than 60 countries.