Student life

Arnhem as a student city

Arnhem has three universities of applied sciences: HAN University of Applied Sciences, Artez University of the Arts and Van Hall Larenstein. Together with the municipality of Arnhem, these three universities have joined forces to make Arnhem an even better student city. For example, there are initiatives in the field of accommodation (development of even more student houses), culture and sport and the universities organise one big joint introduction party. The initiatives take place under the name of “Arnhem Student city” and make Arnhem even more appealing for national and international students.

If you would like to explore what you can do in Velp and Arnhem in your free time, we would advise you to take a look at the website of and Here you'll get a great overview of  the best day trips, museums, shops, restaurants and bars. You'll be amazed by what the region has to offer, from castles and stately homes to film theaters and pancake houses.  All great things to explore with your new friends! 

Arnhem Nijmegen City Region

The website includes information on student life, accommodation, education and more.

Student sports pass

If you study at Van Hall Larenstein, you can sport without limitations via Sports in Arnhem, using a student sports pass for €15.95 a month.

Do you want to go spinning with a friend in North Arnhem on Monday, play squash on Tuesday in De Grote Koppel, go to the gym at Papendal on Wednesday, go swimming in Valkenhuizen on Thursday and go kickboxing in the city centre on Friday? It is all possible; without limitations and in any given order. No matter how often you go! You can choose from more than 25 different fitness providers that offer a range of group lessons. The sports providers are not only located in Arnhem. You are advised to check the website for full listings, also because new providers are added to the range during the year.

Please note: when you purchase the student sports pass, you can only unsubscribe after three months. The sports pass will therefore cost you at least €60.35 (including a registration fee). Subsequently, a one-month notice period will apply.

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